nopCommerce 4.70 is here! The April 2024 release has brought a wealth of new features and improvements that will revolutionize the e-commerce development industry. As evident from its release note, the latest version allows you to migrate to .NET 8. With it, you get access to cutting-edge technology and the chance to deliver unmatched performance, security, and scalability. Here we help you explore the standout features of nopCommerce 4.70. And examine how businesses can leverage these enhancements through collaboration with Citytech Software, a leading nopCommerce development company.

Key Features of nopCommerce 4.70

Migration to .NET 8

Utilize a host of the latest features and improvements of the nopCommerce platform. The migration to .NET 8 provides a solid foundation that modern e-commerce applications need.

Omnisend Integration

Another remarkable addition is the integration with Omnisend, a leading marketing automation platform. It allows businesses to streamline their marketing campaigns. Improve customer engagement through sophisticated automation tools, resulting in increased conversion rates and customer retention.

Configuration Page Enhancement

The new release takes care of user experience. The addition of a confirmation dialog to switch operation of the “Tax (Fixed or by Country)” plugin has helped reduce configuration errors.

Shopping Cart Validation

Additional checks for validating shopping cart item attributes have been implemented in the latest release. This will ensure a smoother checkout process and reduce the risk of errors.

Report Enhancement

The “Country sales” report now includes a store filter, allowing for a more detailed and insightful analysis of sales data across different stores.

Honeypot Logging

A new setting enables the logging of honeypot detection entries. It will help store owners identify and mitigate potential security threats.

Code Refactoring

Efforts have been made to remove deprecated code fragments. This will ensure better code maintainability and improved overall performance. Moreover, issues related to discount calculations, array indexing, caching, session management, database schema, and UI display have been resolved.

Newsletter Subscription Enhancement

The LanguageId field has been added to the NewsletterSubscription entity. This will improve language support and personalization.

UI/UX Improvement

The zero price adjustment is now hidden. Therefore, you will have a cleaner and more intuitive user experience.

Customer Account Management

Store owners get notified when customers request to delete their accounts, allowing for better account management and compliance with privacy regulations.

Configuration Flexibility

Users can now configure request rate limits, offering better control over site traffic and security.

Security Enhancement

A new setting requires customers to re-login after changing their password, which will help improve account security.

Functionality Removal

The “Telecommunications, broadcasting, and electronic services” functionality has been removed, simplifying the platform and focusing on core features.


Three gender options have been added to comply with your country-specific laws, enhancing the platform’s inclusivity and legal compliance.

Tax Compliance

VAT validation has been implemented, ensuring compliance with local tax regulations.

UI Enhancement

The position of the Edit/Delete address buttons has been adjusted for better usability.

Widget Support

Widget support for “nop-card” has been added to provide more customization options for developers.

Reporting Enhancement

The Sales Summary Report now allows filtering by multiple order and payment statuses, offering deeper insights into sales performance.

Activity Logging

New activity logs have been introduced for changes in the plugins list. This will aid in better tracking and management.

UPS Plugin Update

The UPS plugin now supports OAuth 2.0 authentication, aligning with the latest UPS API changes. It enhances security and helps seamlessly communicate with UPS services.

Plugin Renaming

Brevo! Guess what, this is the new name given to “Sendinblue”. Users need to reinstall the plugin to apply this update, as it will help ensure continued functionality and support.

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Address Formatting

The FormatAddress functionality has been added to improve address handling and display.

Default Selection Improvement

A default selected country option has been introduced to enhance the user experience during the checkout process.

Affiliate Link Enhancement

Fixed issues related to affiliate links for logged-in customers, ensuring proper tracking.

SEO Improvement

Switched to Google Analytics 4 for improved analytics and better tracking of user behavior.

Why Choose nopCommerce Gold Partners to Build Your Dream Store?

Imagine your ideal online store. You want it to be sleek, user-friendly, and bursting with features to help you convert visitors into loyal customers. But building that dream store from scratch can be overwhelming. That is where nopCommerce Gold Partners come in.

Think of a nopCommerce Gold Partner as your online store’s architect and engineer rolled into one. They are not just familiar with nopCommerce, but also masters of its potential. The following attributes set them apart from the rest:

Deep nopCommerce Knowledge

They have earned their Gold Partner status through rigorous testing and proven success. It means you get a team that can navigate the complexities of nopCommerce with ease, ensuring your store is built to perform.

Unmatched Development Skills

The developers are nopCommerce enthusiasts who constantly hone their craft. They can leverage the platform’s strengths to create a custom store that reflects your unique brand.

Access to Exclusive Resources

As Gold Partners, they have access to advanced development tools and ongoing support directly from nopCommerce. This translates to faster development times, smoother integrations, and access to cutting-edge features for your store.

Proven Track Record of Success

They have a portfolio of successful nopCommerce stores across various industries, showcasing their ability to deliver results.

Leverage the Benefits of Version 4.70 – Partner with Citytech, a Leading nopCommerce Development Company

To fully leverage the benefits of nopCommerce 4.70, businesses can collaborate with an experienced nopCommerce development company. Citytech Software, with more than three decades of experience, is a Microsoft Certified nopCommerce Gold Partner well known for its expertise in serving businesses in the Health, Travel, Retail, Entertainment, and FMCG sectors. Highly rated by clients across the globe, a partnership with Citytech Software can be advantageous in the following ways:

Customization and Scalability

  • Tailored Solutions: Through their nopCommerce customization services, Citytech meets specific business needs. Thus, the development team ensures the platform aligns perfectly with business objectives and customer expectations.
  • Scalable Architecture: Professional developers, adept at Library (Nop.Core, Nop.Data, Nop.Services) and Presentation ( Nop.Admin, Nop.Web, Nop.Web.Framework) can design a scalable architecture, with ease. Therefore, your e-commerce platform grows alongside the business without compromising performance.

Enhanced User Experience

  • UI/UX Design: Their UI/UX experts create visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces. They enhance the overall shopping experience and increase customer retention.
  • Mobile Optimization: The nopCommerce developers ensure the site is fully optimized for mobile devices. This is crucial, given the increasing number of mobile shoppers.

Integration and Automation

  • Third-Party Integrations: The team has working experience in integrating third-party plugins, payment gateways, CRM systems, and marketing tools to streamline operations and improve functionality.
  • Automation: They can help automate various processes like inventory management, order processing, and customer communication to reduce manual workload and improve efficiency.

SEO and Digital Marketing

  • SEO Best Practices: The SEO experts implement advanced strategies to improve search engine visibility and drive organic traffic to the nopCommerce B2B store.
  • Digital Marketing Campaigns: They leverage digital marketing expertise to run effective campaigns, utilizing email marketing, social media, and PPC to attract and convert customers.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

  • Regular Updates: Keep the platform up-to-date with the latest features and security patches.
  • 24/7 Support: Ensures continuous support to handle any technical issues promptly, minimizing downtime and ensuring smooth operation.


nopCommerce 4.70 offers a powerful and flexible platform for businesses looking to enhance their online presence. By partnering with a specialized nopCommerce development company, businesses can unlock the full potential of nopCommerce, leveraging its latest features to drive growth and achieve long-term success. Whether through customized solutions, enhanced user experiences, seamless integrations, or robust digital marketing strategies, hire nopCommerce developers to thrive in the competitive e-commerce landscape.