Citytech Software has a state-of-the-art infrastructure to serve customers adequately. Our office premise is centrally located and geared for 24×7 operations, allowing easy and safe access to customers and employees. 

We have planned meticulously to provide n+1 redundancy for most of our key components. 

Our comprehensive security setup ensures that all the data, documents and vital project components are secure and always protected. 

Our infrastructure includes the following:

  • Connected by 3 different ISPs for uninterrupted work. 
  • VoIP Connectivity 
  • Structured Network Architecture 
  • High-end Network Security (Firewall, IPS, and Content Filter) 
  • Latest Workstations and Laptops
  • High-end servers with expectational uptime and availability 
  • Real-time Virus Protection 
  • Regular Data Backup 
  • Regular Preventive Maintenance of Operating Systems and Software 
  • 24×7 Power Availability and fail-safe measures 
  • Intranet and Knowledge base for Internal Office communication