Businesses have been evolving for ages now, the pandemic has shown us the importance of accelerated innovation. With the ever-increasing need for collaboration and connectivity, API and microservices are here to help us.

Microservice architecture is gaining popularity in businesses of all sizes and is one of the most popular ways to design software applications. It is composed of small independent services that communicate over well-defined APIs. Unlike the traditional monolithic architecture, microservices make applications scalable and faster to develop.

Be it applications, models, processes, or even data sources. API and microservices can help transform your business and boost connectivity to get the most out of your data, increase agility, and harvest insights to understand your business better.

Citytech provides businesses with microservices that help them improve the architecture, scale the application, and communicate seamlessly with APIs. Microservices are simple to deploy, breaking an application into smaller manageable modules that come together in a single application with well-defined interfaces and operations. With APIs and Microservices, Citytech can help you connect and integrate your systems with external ones. 

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