B2BOmni is market leading tool for implementing your B2B channel. With B2BOmni, you can expand your customer base with minimum overhead. A powerful growth engine for enterprises looking to automate processes, improve operational efficiency, cultivate consumer loyalty and build a stronger revenue stream.  
Driven by market trends and emerging patterns, Citytech’s B2B eCommerce platform handles multiple levels of manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and retailers.  
Built on the NopCommerce framework, the B2BOmni features access controls, advanced tracking and monitoring, frictionless secure checkout, multiple price levels, and enhanced buyer-seller engagement.  

Reducing Business Latency with B2BOmni  

Prices and price level management 

Provide competitive pricing and showcase various price points. Display better price points to encourage increased ordering and incentivize businesses to purchase more. 

  • Tier-based price list  
  • Quantity/volume-based pricing  
  • Vendor/Brand  based pricing 
  • User-based pricing 
  • Products and category-based pricing 
  • Pre-negotiated sales rates and pricing 
Bulk Order and Re-ordering 

Handle high volume ordering with minimal effort and overhead.  B2BOmni enables duplicating previous orders, price points and conditions for a more efficient checkout process.  

  • Manage high-volume sale orders. 
  • Specialized interface that supports bulk order entry. 
  • Enables previous order duplication. 
  • Streamline the process for managing large orders. 
  • Improve usability for users handling bulk transactions. 
New customer onboarding 

Customizable registration and onboarding process that accommodates wholesalers, distributors, retailers, partners, vendors, and more. 

  • Manage applications and account creation requests  
  • Accept compliance documents, certifications, etc.  
  • Collect company documents like trade license numbers, Tax registration, export licenses, etc.  
  • Input and manage expected transactional volume, company size, and other qualifying metrics.  
  • Connect an online account with an existing offline account. 
Product Listing 

Advanced product listing for B2B and multivendor marketplaces

  • Search products based on name, product code, serial number, UPC, etc. 
  • Filter and sort products based on different attributes and variants 
  • View different “Price Tiers” based on signed-in account 
  • View availability/inventory levels with expected delivery dates 
  • Varied views of products in a single-row per product table and a more traditional retail product grid 
  • Customizable product table columns, to line up key attributes used for comparison, along with the price 
  • Display quantity boxes and bulk “add-to-cart” options directly from a product listing page, recreating the traditional paper-based PO generation  
Product Details

Seamless product purchasing – access detailed inventory, pricing, compatibility information, and enjoy secure post-sale support options. 

  • Purchase multiple product variants  
  • View detailed inventory details such as warehouse location, etc.  
  • Display special sale/clearance pricing 
  • Display quantity-based pricing 
  • Download product files such as spec sheets, user manuals, warranty documents, and more. 
  • View compatibility information with other products 
  • View estimated delivery dates for on-account addresses  
  • Add secure member or customer-only support content for post-sale support, such as downloads, warranty cards, etc. 
  • Add merchandising information to products that may not have come from an integrated product catalog system, such as ERP 
  • View inventory levels across multiple warehouse locations 
  • View pricing information broken out by price tiers and quantity-based pricing