nopCommerce is an open-source ASP.NET MVC eCommerce shopping cart. This shopping cart can be customized for businesses of all sizes. nopCommerce is fully customizable, easy to use shopping cart with great user-friendly admin panel. It has been optimized for organic visibility and assists search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo to add the webpages easily on their search index.

nopCommerce has modular & pluggable architecture, additional functionality, and presentation elements that can be dynamically added to the application at runtime which makes it easy to create and manage your online store. nopCommerce regularly comes up with updates to keep up with the latest technological changes and increase the platform’s performance, security, and stability. The global nopCommerce online community always tracks the legislative changes thereby ensuring that you remain compliant in every country that you operate your business.

Plugins increase the functionality, design, aesthetics, and user-experience of your site. They are primarily designed to provide a heightened experience while browsing and shopping through the site thereby increasing online sales in the long run. With the plenty of options available in the market to choose from, users are looking at finding a website that doesn’t waste much of their time and can serve their shopping demands in the least possible time without any added fuss. Global retailers are always looking for the right suite of plugins to increase the site reach and making user-experience smooth and effortless. Customer demands are ever-evolving and businesses that do not evolve to meet these demands will be left behind by competing brands.
To meet the diverse consumer demands brands are developing or installing necessary plugins to deliver a seamless shopping experience. Now imagine that you have ordered some groceries to be delivered to your house from a premier eCommerce site. However, the delivery comes at a time when you are not present at home to collect the package. The consignment either gets shipped back to the retailer or your order gets canceled. Now you are just left with two options- to retrieve back the package from the retailer or re-order. Both the steps are again extremely time-consuming and it seems energy-draining to repeat the entire exercise. This entire episode we are sure has happened multiple times for consumers and is a big let down to user-experience. Retailers will again have to employ the services of a customer care department to look into such issues, which is an added cost in itself.
All this can be simply avoided by installing a plugin- Delivery Schedule Selector by Citytech. This plugin allows customers to select a specific date and time to schedule deliveries and save themselves from the entire hassle of missing important consignments. This plugin enables the customer to choose an order delivery date and time on the checkout page and allows the site administrator to select or modify the delivery date and time schedule. It further empowers you to improve your customer service by providing the necessary flexibility of delivering an order at a time more suitable to your customer. It comes with a host of powerful features guaranteed to improve the buying experience of your consumers.
With the nopCommerce Delivery Schedule Selector plugin, you can:
  • Easily integrate the nopCommerce delivery date and time selector into your checkout process.
  • Limit the delivery dates for your customers to select from to the days you can deliver the consignment.
  • It provides you the option of charging an additional fee for the same day or next day delivery service.
  • Set the time slots availability, assign them to specific days, and set a limit on the maximum permitted deliveries on any given day.
  • View all upcoming deliveries, sorted by their delivery dates.
  • The customer can select a specific time slot with hourly intervals available within the next 7 days.
The Delivery Schedule Selector by Citytech is designed to enrich the buying experience of your customers and establish a recall value for your brand. It saves you a lot of time that is otherwise wasted on delivering missed deliveries. You can now use that time to develop the functionality of your online site further and increase your conversion rate. This unique nopCommerce plugin has helped businesses globally become more successful and scalable. It can also help your brand by automating your delivery process further. 
To download and install this plugin for your nopCommerce website, visit: If you encounter any issues during or after-installation of Delivery Schedule Selector plugin, then get in touch with Citytech anytime! Our development team will be happy to help you with any impending issue.