Kentico has unveiled the all-new Kentico Xperience, that combines content management, digital experience, and eCommerce into a single integrated platform.
Kentico software since 2004 has aimed to create a CMS that helps companies and brands connect with their users seamlessly. Over the years, its features have continued to expand leading to its vast popularity in various sectors. The Kentico Xperience creates engaging customer experience across channels, on-premise, or through the cloud. Kentico has always been a frontrunner, market disruptor, and an innovator when it comes to digital transformation. 
Kentico Xperience enables online vendors to beat the competition by leveraging the advanced capabilities of digital media coupled with ease-of-use of the platform. During recent times, with social distancing becoming a norm, digital experiences are becoming important more than ever, and something that brands can no longer neglect. It is becoming increasingly important to develop your platform to reach out and cater to the changing demands of the audience. 
  • Deliver engaging, personalized experiences across websites, online stores, email campaigns, and on mobile
  • Create remarkable digital touchpoints to engage with customers during their entire journey
  • Build solutions using a modern .NET MVC platform with a fast development life cycle and excellent performance
  • Plugin the tools you need to extend your solution with third-party apps or custom components
Let’s look at the top features of Kentico Xperience:
1. Content Management
You can now create modern and engaging websites, keep consistent content, and reuse for your mobile apps, email campaigns, marketing, and other channels. It is an excellent tool to design landing pages using the drag-and-drop page builder. The content can be consistent across all channels, managed easily and with Kentico’s multi-lingual support can be translated to any language. 
2. Digital Marketing
Digital marketing methods have surpassed traditional forms of advertising because it helps in reaching the audience more effectively by leveraging the known parameters. It is more scientific and fact-based rather than mere guesswork. Kentico Xperience allows you to deliver digital experiences catering to the audience persona thereby meeting all your KPIs. Create quick online forms to collect user data, launch effective email campaigns, manage social media profiles, use targeted marketing, and much more to augment customer engagement.
3. Digital eCommerce
An online store cannot succeed completely until it provides a uniquely seamless experience to their customers and a great browsing experience. To ensure that your audience just does not browse through your products or services and instead become active users, it is important to provide them with a great online experience. With Kentico Xperience, you can create stunning product catalogs that capture attention and have filtering and sorting options that make the job easier. Recommend the right products, draw up a customer persona, and reach wide demography of the audience by providing multi-lingual content, currencies, and payment options.
4. Automation
No one wants to rely on manual work and automation is the need of the hour. Kentico makes it easier to design drip campaigns to nurture leads, send automated emails and messages about abandoned shopping carts, send promotional emails, messages about restocking of their favorite products, etc. You can either pick up from available templates or create through the drag-and-drop designer.
5. Analytics
A website is of no good until and unless it provides you a concrete data of site visitors. Analytics is a powerful tool to help you analyze and manage your website traffic, recognize the key demography, access campaign performance, track performance, optimize experiences, and increase conversion rates. Access to analytics helps in quick decision making, instantly change or redesign campaigns, and provide users with more personalized content and information. If utilized properly, it has the potential to transform your business.
Kentico Xperience is not a boon for content creators or marketers alone. It is an equally effective platform for developers as well. 
For Developers it helps in:
  • Scalability & Performance
  • MVC Development
  • Deployment Tools
  • Security
  • Out-of-the-box Integrations
  • Extensibility and APIs
The Kentico platform has been helping online vendors in building a world-class website and meeting customer demands for a decade now and the Kentico Xperience platform is another step towards this direction. 
Don’t miss out and adopt Kentico to experience all the amazing features and capabilities. 
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