New Business Tools From Magento eCommerce Vertion 2.3

Magento Commerce 2.3.0 is rolled out to deliver on your business ambitions.

Much anticipated Magento 2.3 is rolled out with 11 new ground-breaking features. Everyone, in one voice, is acknowledging the latest version of Magento can help continue merchants’ ambitions and success into 2019 while empowering Magento developers to deliver on client expectations faster and more easily.

Highlighted in this blog some outstanding features of Magento 2.3.0. Check out them to discover how this new version can transform eCommerce experience of a store owner as well as that of an online buyer.

Multi-Source Inventory (MSI):

The aim of Multi Source Inventory is to enable merchants better their operational efficiency. MSI tool will empower merchants to manage their inventory right from their Magento admin panel across multiple physical locations. In addition to it, merchants will also be able to manage all inventory sources without having to install any 3rd party plugins and assign products and quantities to each fulfilment source, such as warehouses, drop-shipping centres, etc.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA):

The number of Smartphone users is expected to grow to around 2.5 billion in 2019 while nearly three-quarters of consumers to engage in mobile shopping. Keeping in view of this smartphone penetration trend, the PWA Studio has been introduced in Magento 2.3. A native application feature, it can be accessed without downloading or installing. PWA tool will enable merchants to deliver engaging mobile experience and improve on conversion rate. It comes with amazing benefits like offline support, home screen shortcut, fast page load, faster user interface support, push notifications, etc.

Page Builder:

A much-awaited addition, Page Builder is a real revolutionary functionality. It can allow merchants to create customized pages without having to write codes. Page Builder features a drag-and-drop interface-based functionality and can be used for blocks and dynamic blocks, product, content, and catalogue pages, allowing even non-technical users to take control of their content. More innovative and intuitive features are due to be integrated to this functionality.

Apart from these three latest updates, there are a few more enhancements available with Magento 2.3.0, a step-up version from Magento 2.2.x. Take a look into the highlights of those tools as well.

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GraphQL API language in Magento 2.3 is aimed to empower merchants to define the exact data and join various data in a single request. GraphQL will also enable PWA functionality to work efficiently even when the mobile network connection runs slower.

Magento Shipping:

This functionality will provide support for new fulfilment options and worldwide availability.

New Security Tools:

As Google reCAPTCHA prevents excessive invasions of bots and protects abuse and spam, this feature also aims to provide a few more extras! Extra security layers will be for the web pages, such as Login, Register, Contact Form, Forgot Password and Admin Login.

Declarative Schema:

This feature simplifies installation and upgradation of the Magento for developers. Allows developers to declare the final desired state of database and adjust the system to it automatically.

Improved Indexing Performance:

Indexation time is sure to go down, at least by 60% to support larger sites and faster product updates.

Asynchronous and Bulk Web APIs:

This feature is a big benefit for online stores! Thanks to this feature emblement, online stores that receive hundreds of API requests every day will be able to make a quicker response to their users’ requests without having to wait for server’s response.

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Note that the updates into Magento 2.3 contain a mixture of changes beneficial for either your roles as an admin, a developer, or maybe as both. If you want to migrate to Magento 2.3 from your old eCommerce store and cut down headaches, you may contact Magento development team at Citytech Software. Our experienced Magento developers can help you move to the latest version of Magento platform 2.3.0.