Customer Feedback from Mr. Justin Neale – SITA Consulting.

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Testimonial on our outsourcing services from our customer in UAE.

Paylite HRMS from Arabain Falcon Holidays

Customer Testimonian from Mr. Faisal Derar, HR Director from Arabian Falcon Holidays, UAE

Customer Testimonial – Paylite HRMS

Paylite HRMS – Customer Testimonial – CNBC Arabia

Payite HRMS – Customer Testimonial – CNBC Arabia

Denis Gomes – IT Manager, CNBC Arabia.
Customer testimonial about Paylite HRMS, leading HR System in GCC.

Citytech is a great firm to work with. They are very responsive and are a great value. I’d highly recommend their services to anyone. Over the past 2 years they have helped with our customer service and pricing of inventory. Not very easy tasks at all and they”ve done very well.

– Xavier, BetterWorldBooks, USA.

Citytech continues to do an excellent job for us on this continuing project, as well as other projects. We use their services every chance we get. An excellent provider who meets and exceeds your expectations.

– Virginia Lou, USA.

Citytech helped me with this project and did an excellent job. I had absolutely no knowledge of the process involved in building a website. They held my hand through the process and made it as simple as possible, kept on schedule, and delivered the product I requested. I highly recommend them and will use them again in the future.

– Jason, Colarado, USA.

This company has continued to impress and over exceed our expectations. We have referred them to numerous business associates due to our total faith that they are the top in their field. If you want a consulting team, available 24/7, that suggests ideas that exceed your own – you have found the right team.

–, Colarado, USA.

These guys are the best and I highly recommend them. Ravi and the rest of the employees at Citytech have been nothing but professional from the very first day I talked to them. Frankly I can’t say enough about them. They completed our project on time and under budget. Their skills are limitless!

– David Metzel, Metzel Media, USA.

What can I say? This team continues to amaze me each day, the scariest part being how little I have to oversee their work and how hard it is to detect that they are over seas! As you can probably see by now, they are my number one choice for provider of the work assistance that I need.

– Richard, Rtaz Inc. USA.

I want to say I am impressed guys. At first I was quite anxious working with a group offshore, language problems, simple logistics, and Murphy’s Law (what can go wrong, will go wrong). But after this week I am very impressed and have to say you guys made this job go so much easier and better than I had thought it would.

Thanks very much, it was definitely made easier by your grasp of the product and your abilities.

– Dennis Cason, Atlanta Cutlery Corp.