When it comes to the world of technology, every vendor today claims to hold various certifications or to be a certified dealer. But as a business, how do you differentiate between certifications that hold gravitas and others that don’t provide much value? Organizations are heavily reliant on technology and therefore they do their due diligence when investing in a particular technology or platform.

Software implementations can be costly and have a long-term effect on the functioning of an organisation. At this juncture, if you don’t choose a partner that has the right credentials, qualifications, skills, and experience to manage your business, then you’re looking for trouble. 

What does it entail to be a Microsoft Gold-certified Partner?

Microsoft recognizes its most competent partners with a Microsoft Gold certification. It is the highest standard of accreditation and vendors must meet high standards of competency on the platform along with providing exceptional customer support. To meet the standards of Gold certification, a company must meet the strict standards and fulfil the capabilities required to earn this title. Microsoft requires its partners to demonstrate exceptional expertise in specific domains like:

  1. Business applications
  2. AI and data management
  3. Applications and infrastructure
  4. Modern workplace and security

These certifications can be earned by appearing in various classes and exams. Along with displaying the competency in these subject matters, a Microsoft Gold Partner must meet specific requirements like participating in the Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) index, sales and marketing competency, and a licensing overview assessment. To verify their high standard of customer service, Microsoft Gold Partners are further required to provide at least five customer references. 

Additionally, all businesses are required to have a minimum of four fully qualified Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs) in their team. At least one of the MCTs needs to pass the Licensing Review Assessment, two must pass the Sales and Marketing Assessment, and as a company, one must attain 120 partner points. 

Let’s look at the benefits of partnering with a Microsoft Gold-certified Partner:

Always up to date with the latest technology

Microsoft brings continuous updates to improve its platform and make it more relevant to the changing consumer demands. A Microsoft Gold Partner is updated with the latest Microsoft offerings and advancements. Their designation is well-earned and is achieved only when the partner is well-versed with the present and emerging technologies. Tying up with a Microsoft Gold Partner means that your business doesn’t miss out on important updates and is at par with the latest technologies.

Maintaining rigorous standards

Microsoft has certain stiff standards to meet for a Microsoft Gold Partner. Each organization must pass the exams and the competency levels to attain the standards set by Microsoft. This process is supposed to be repeated each year to retain the title. A Gold Partner brings the highest level of competency to your business and is available to step in during any crisis. They understand the bottlenecks of the process and have the necessary skill-set to sail you through the project, unlike other partners.

Direct link to Microsoft

Given the skill-set of Microsoft Gold Partners, they are generally able to handle any technical glitches without contacting Microsoft Support. But during a project, there can be complications that need the assistance of Microsoft to be sorted. Microsoft Gold Partners due to their competency level have the leverage to get support faster. They have access to advanced support levels, get a fast resolution to queries, and in a case where there needs to be an escalation, they have a direct link to Microsoft services.

Proof of concept

Microsoft Gold Partners have the privilege of access to various product licenses that other partners don’t have, which enables them to develop demos and proof of concepts for clients. By tying up with a Gold Partner, businesses save money on purchasing licenses and investing in implementation before trying the solution. Further, Microsoft Gold Partners can utilize the platform’s deployment services, which provide funding for a Partner to give a few days of consulting to a client. For a business with a large financial commitment, it allows them to test the solution before diving straight into the implementation.

Better customer support

Microsoft Gold Partners have proven competency when it comes to exceptional customer service and support. Even after implementation, Gold Partners continue providing support to their clients that are highly beneficial for businesses. A Partner with Gold competency has a specialized skill-set of implementing a particular tech solution and providing clients with services of a specific niche. Their level of commitment to a project is unparalleled and is often unmatched by other regular vendors.

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