At the end of 2018, Kentico released its most modern and sophisticated CMS to date, Kentico 12 MVC. The solution offers a platform that is cost-saving and provides a better marketing ROI for global businesses. If you are still working on the old version of Kentico, it’s high time to upgrade and enjoy the top-class features and functionality.

Historical Trend of Kentico use
A good Content Management System (CMS) offers system flexibility, efficiency, and high return on investment. Upgrading your existing website to Kentico 12 will bring in the advantages of the all-powerful system. It makes the system faster and provides improved independence in delivering content to users quickly- thereby reducing the time and cost. The latest Kentico 12 ensures that your business stays ahead of the competition, is secured and future-ready. 

Selecting the right technology for your business can have monumental consequences on your business. It is what provides the connection with the users, in the shortest possible time in an efficient manner. 
Kentico 12 has a host of benefits for all the stakeholders in the organization.
Decision Makers
  • Enhanced ROI with a sustainable and scalable platform
  • Increased flexibility
  • Self-sufficient Digital Marketing teams
  • Smooth approval workflows
  • Long-term platform support
  • Easier upgrades
  • Decoupled BED & FED
  • Fully controlled HTML output
  • Separation of concerns
  • 24/7 support from Kentico
  • Version history
  • Modern technology
  • Drag-and-drop page building
  • Flexible page templates and widgets
  • Segmented content personalization
  • Simplified A/B testing setup and management
  • Inherent SEO improvements
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What are the key features and benefits of Kentico 12?
  • CMS Interface
The new Kentico 12 CMS interface is faster and functional than ever before. The improved page builder enables even non-technical users to manage content using configurable widgets. The frag-and-drop builder provides users the flexibility and independence to experiment with various layouts, designs, and content forms without depending on the developers. This saves time enabling organizations to push out new and fresh content all the time. Providing new and improved customer experience is a breeze for marketers with an enhanced interface.
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  • Content Personalization
Though personalization options were available in the earlier versions of Kentico it was mostly at code levels dependent on the inputs of the developer. Simplified personalization management allows content creators to create new widget variants based on different available options like country, persona, device type, determine whether they visited a particular form or specific page, and create content accordingly. This personalization in the case of messaging makes the content more relevant and topical. Another new thing with the Kentico 12 is the “GeoIP 2” with MaxMind support. This plugin helps marketers create targeted emails and campaigns based on location, thus minimizing paid advertising costs and increasing the click-through rate with content that’s relevant for that demography.
  • Smarter Web Forms
Kentico 12 comes with the new drag-and-drop form builder which gives the autonomy to content creators to design, build, and publish online forms without relying on a developer. With Smart Forms, marketers can gather crucial customer data available throughout the buyer journey. With this feature, marketers become more agile and can better leverage content and drive the business forward with the lead generation tools. 

Source: Kentico
  • Simplified eCommerce API
For online stores, if it is lagging in speed or performance or takes time for processing requests then customers are automatically disengaged. Kentico 12 has simplified business eCommerce API that does not require much coding and leads to faster deployment of the solution. This functionality allows businesses with more time to focus on developing their core business rather than writing lines of code. It can also be used for MVC projects, a third-party integration, or upgrading to higher versions.
  • Faster and better performing Website
Kentico 12 uses the MVC technology that helps in website optimization. Complete control of HTML output provides improved SEO benefits, faster page load, and better overall site interaction. A faster and more high-performing website has a better chance of being recognized by search engines, therefore, leading to improved business. 
Currently, there is full support for both Kentico 12 MVC sites and Kentico 12 Portal Engine sites, and limited support for Kentico 11 and Kentico 10 Portal Engine sites. Very soon Kentico will pull down the curtains on the earlier versions which would mean limited support and greater exposure to website threats. Although, there is still time to move to MVC, embracing this technology beforehand will give you an advantage over other competitors. 
Why choose Citytech for the managed upgrade to Kentico 12 MVC?
  • Citytech is the Kentico Gold Partner as well as Microsoft Gold Partner.
  • Team of 21 Certified Kentico Developers, 3 Sites of the month award by Kentico.
  • Well defined process for the upgrade.
  • Managed Services for the upgrade that includes server setup, optimization, DNS configuration, and post-upgrade support.
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  • If you are looking for a Kentico site rebuild or upgrade, Citytech’s certified Kentico developers can give a fresh new look to your website along with upgrades to the most current release of Kentico.