For more than a decade now, mobile apps have changed the way we function and revolutionized our lives. With apps available for grocery shopping to hotel booking, it has made life easy and changed the way the world works.

As per Statista, apps are expected to generate $189 Billion US dollars in revenue by 2020.

What are Mobile Apps?
A mobile application simply referred to as an app, is an application software designed to run on mobile devices, such as a tablet or smartphone device. Although earlier apps avoided multitasking due to limited hardware resources, now the specific nature of these apps is what attracts the public to it as it helps solve their niche needs. 
With the current technological advancement, it is not wrong to assume that mobile apps will continue to rule the roost in 2020 as well. Let’s take a look at the top mobile app trends that are predicted to raise a storm in 2020:
  • The arrival of AR/VR
The era of AR and VR has finally arrived and is not limited solely to gaming applications anymore. Already top tech giants like Apple, Google are working extensively to bring AR into their devices, and apps like Cortana, Siri, Google Assistant are the best-known examples for it. 
It is expected that the AI industry will rise to $40 billion by 2020.
  • Impact of 5G services
The world has moved forward from 3G and now with the advent of 5G, even 4G services sound outdated. With this advancement, app developers need to create apps that match the speed and functionality of this network. When it comes to the 5G network the first thing that comes to mind is the speed, which is said to be 100 times faster than the 4G network. The interesting part is that the impact of 5G is not limited to speed alone but would also have an effect on data security, speed, 3D gaming, augmented reality, and much more. Developers need to develop the apps keeping the above functionalities in mind so that there is no lagging and user-experience remains unhampered.
  • The advent of Wearable device      
By 2021, Gartner estimates that the sale of smartwatches will total nearly 81M units- representing 16% of total wearable device sales. 
The market of wearables industry is experiencing tremendous growth and according to Statistica, wearable devices are expected to reach over $44.2 Billion by the end of 2020. While the wearable device technology seems to be niche now, it is increasingly becoming as common as the smartphone now. Now smartphones are required to pair with any wearable device for functionality but with the advancement of technology, they will be able to function independently without pairing. The wearable app development industry will now have a connection directly to the web or our bodies. Since wearable devices require a platform to run, developers should keep an option to integrate apps with wearable devices. 
  • Rise of AI
While AI has continued to grow over the past few years, 2020 will see the rise of AI and machine learning like never before. Although AI technology has become a big hit since its launch, it is very essential to understand each component and gauge its application before deployment. Chatbots, which are another area proving its merits to businesses courtesy the AI technology. It has benefited businesses both big and small, automating tasks and being intelligently available for customers leveraging the AI technology. Mobile app developers can easily integrate the chatbot facility on websites and apps. 
According to IDC, by 2020, the AI market will experience revenue growth of more than $47 Billion. 
  • Blockchain Applications
Ever since making its debut, Blockchain applications have impacted the way the IT industry functions. While earlier we saw the use of Blockchain in creating cryptocurrencies and bitcoin, 2020 will see the use of technology in various other fields. Blockchain technology has powered many startups and businesses to create their decentralized apps and smart contracts, and blockchain-based software solutions. 
Along with the Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain improves the way apps function by speeding up transactions, minimizing risks, and decreasing the cost of development projects. Another solution of Blockchain, Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) will be on the rise for startups and enterprises. It allows mobile app developers to link their apps to cloud services and also provides additional features like sending push notifications, managing users on the app, and connecting to third-party cloud services. 
Undoubtedly, these technological innovations are slated to be game-changers in the year 2020. Utilizing these trends on time will keep you much ahead of the competition and make your business profitable in the long run.
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