In the past two years, businesses of all sizes across industries have had to adopt new ways of functioning and thriving in a changing business landscape. While we continue to live in a hybrid work environment, technology can boost productivity, improve efficiency, and foster collaboration. The various productivity and collaboration tools help a business remain agile, be flexible to market changes, and stay connected in a digital landscape.

Leveraging the Microsoft 365 suite of products for your small business boost productivity and connectivity across your organization. Let’s look at the benefits Microsoft 365 brings to your business:

Streamlined knowledge sharing

Office 365 allows your organization to store and share files through the cloud, thereby saving the hassle of continuously sharing files. Apps like SharePoint and OneDrive free your business from constant file sharing, improves searchability, and manage file history, and user access. Through cloud-based SharePoint Online, it becomes easier to manage and share documents through improved user interface and interconnectivity.

Aids seamless remote work

With remote work on the rise across every industry, the need for productivity and collaboration tools is now more than ever. For small businesses, investing in costly equipment or software tools is not always an option. With Office 365 you can work from anywhere while being connected to your team. It truly empowers the digital landscape through the host of available tools and is entirely cloud-based that can be accessed from any location and any device. 

Improved communication

The right tools can improve business communication and make the team engaged and successful instead of resulting in isolated and disengaged employees. Many features of the software promote effective communication between teams and keep them connected. With apps like Microsoft Teams, Skype, Yammer, SharePoint, etc. users can communicate more effectively than ever before – notwithstanding the location or their device.

Support for social collaboration

Yammer is another excellent tool for social collaboration that allows members to quickly get answers, and have productive conversations among the team. The social-enterprise tools in Microsoft 365 do not require any mastery or technical expertise to succeed. It is easy to share content across the organization, post comments, have a threaded conversation or make a personalized newsfeed. Both Teams and Yammer enable your organization to stay productive and share knowledge with a larger audience.

Reduced expenses

As a subscription-based software, you don’t end up spending heavily on separate systems and just pay for what you’re using. The cost of your license also depends on the level of functionality you choose for your business. It gives you a fair idea of your IT budget that can be managed judiciously. For small businesses, cost is a big factor but at the same time, they cannot compromise on productivity. This way you never go over-license or spend on unnecessary costs.

File storage capabilities

The files are stored in the cloud, regularly backed up and can be retained even if there is an emergency or disaster at the office. With OneDrive, you can access all your stored files anytime, anywhere. So no matter what happens to your physical devices, your work and crucial information will always be safe if you’re using M365 products and services. Exchange has a recovery feature that can restore individual emails or even entire inboxes if needed. Even through subsequent changes or constant back and forth of information, your files remain safe and accessible. 

Automatic upgrades

A premium product, Microsoft constantly upgrades its products and services to meet consumer demands in an evolving business environment. These upgrades are performed automatically at a predetermined interval, so you can stay updated at all times. Legacy or on-premise systems require regular maintenance and upgrades with fair involvement from the IT team. With M365, on the other hand, your IT team doesn’t have to upgrade your platform as it happens automatically. This also eradicates the need for purchasing new software every few years.

Microsoft 365 suite of products fosters innovation and enables small businesses to become scalable without spending heavily on IT resources. It brings them on the path to digital transformation and allows small businesses to become competitive. 

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