How is this eCommerce middleware useful for retailers?

 MS NAVConnector Ecommerce middleware for retailers

Microsoft Dynamics NAVConnector is an eCommerce middleware to make a seamless integration between MS Dynamics NAV and NopCommerce/Magento platform. It is designed to save valuable time and money and reduce multiple business challenges that retailers often face while managing and maintaining their store data regarding the customer, order, payment, shipping, etc.

With the growth of a business and expansion of item catalogs, it becomes necessary to leverage the right solution to save time from product micromanagement. It helps business owners to focus on larger initiatives.

How does MS Dynamics NAVConnector help businesses in retailing?

By adding this tool to a store on the nopCommerce/Magento platform, store administrators can safely and securely exchange data in real-time between this middleware and the store.

This MS Dynamics NAVConnector tool gives a solution to manage all store data in a single place. By using this connector, stores can reduce product information discrepancies, automate syncing of customer information, manage inventory data and sales across multiple channels, and get real-time status of order details.

Highlights of NAVConnector solution

  • Automate order and customer information
  • Manage updated product information
  • Accurate inventory levels
  • Up-to-the-minute order and order status
  • Payment information
  • Streamline store workflow

Using MS NAVConnector Middleware for ecommerce System Integration

How is this MS Dynamics NAVConnector useful for my business?

In eCommerce, you will need a PIM (Product Information Management) tool like NAVConnector to streamline and simplify your product management and marketing strategy.
Check out 2 more benefits that you can leverage from NAVConnector:

  • Manage and curate product information efficiently
  • Configure and feed product information from a data repository to website/mobile platform/electronic catalogs

MS Dynamics NAVConnector is a tremendous time-saver and powerful tool. It enables you to create, organize and optimize product data from one central source. That means you can manage and curate product information more efficiently.

By integrating NAVConnector, store admins will be able to use, configure and feed product data. That will result in personalized engagement and more store traffic.

Final thoughts:

Out there in the market, hundreds of these tools are available. All these solutions have their own unique merits and different pricing models. So, you have to select a tool, based on your unique business requirements. What we can ensure you is that the MS Dynamics NAVConnector features everything that an enterprise irrespective of its size will need to handle its business operations efficiently.

In the meantime, get a view of MS Dynamics NAVConnector details and also follow the NAVConnector installation guide for further details.