Sales are one of the most crucial departments of the organization and constant efforts and strategies are developed to strengthen its efficiency. The rising digital transformation has changed the way customers engage with sellers and make purchasing decisions. To keep up with the increased competition, the sales team must adopt a digital-first approach where they are much more than just advisors to customers. In this age of advanced data analytics, sellers must leverage customer data to gain meaningful insights about customer behaviour and buying trends. A 360-degree view of the customer enables a seller to offer personalized solutions to customers.

The seller can maximize their limited time with the customer efficiently and can engage them in a meaningful discussion for greater success, once they have access to key data. Instead of working on disparate systems to gather data sellers should focus their time on energy on creating important customer engagement strategies. With the AI-powered Dynamics 365 Sales, sellers now have the opportunity to focus on the highest priority tasks that can result in maximum success. They can gather intuitive insights from customer history, access critical information from external data sources, and get inputs on the best actions to take, all available from a single tool – within the seller’s control.

Earlier the AI-powered collaborative digital selling capabilities were available to only Dynamics 365 Sales Premium customers, is now available for all Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise customers. You can leverage the capabilities of the system to engage your customers with intuitive data-based sales calls. You can take individualized selling at scale by connecting your sales team to customers through their preferred channels. The entire sales cycle can now be streamlined through suggested next best actions, and by helping the sales team to focus on the highest-priority tasks that have the potential to yield results. The Sales accelerator in Dynamics 365 minimizes the time sellers spend on finding the next prospective customer by providing a tailored experience and helping them adopt the best approach.

A prioritized pipeline of sales projects produces the best outcome and aids the sales team in becoming successful. Businesses have today become highly competitive and are continuously leveraging new-age tools to compete and win customers. Dynamics 365 Sales is a major tool for sellers to accelerate their sales process. Sellers can now see and act on suggested actions and collaborate with colleagues all through a single digitalized platform. No need to work on disparate systems to maintain records, gather data and plan your next actions. The AI recommendations do not just work for active deals but also produces stellar recommendations for stalled or at-risk deals. It provides an excellent opportunity to improve your sales process and even win those customers that were slipping away. With this tool, sellers can experience a new level of productivity and engage customers efficiently.

This automation of the sales process reduces the time spent on non-productive tasks and allows sellers to focus on the essentials. Here’s how sellers can accelerate the revenue of their business through Dynamics 365 Sales:

  1. With Conversion Intelligence, calls are recorded and real-time insights are provided during the conversation. It uses analytics and data science to help sellers become more productive during a call. The tool also programmatically generates meeting summaries and saves valuable time. This helps in dramatically improving the productivity of a sales call and generating better outcomes. 
  2. Sales is not a one-man job and require collaboration from different teams for maximum success. Sellers need to access data from various sources, seek opinions of subject matter experts, get clarity from the accounts team while sharing information with clients throughout the sales cycle. This is generally a long process and requires collaboration from key stakeholders. Dynamics 365 Sales is a one-platform solution that allows you to achieve all these tasks through a centralized system and leaves room for the participation of all meaningful members.
  3. As mentioned, the Sales Accelerator feature in Dynamics 365 aids sellers in developing a streamlined pipeline of priority customers through automated recommendations to speed up the sales process. It prioritizes activities that have the highest impact and can generate a positive impact.
  4. The AI-powered tool leverages machine learning to calculate a score for open leads and identify opportunities. It helps sellers to identify the best opportunities that are most likely to close. This prioritization allows sellers to concentrate on the “hot leads” and increase conversion and close deals.

The market has evolved to include new-age technologies that have taken digital selling to greater heights. With sales accelerator, conversion intelligence, and lead-scoring, sellers get access to the best-in-class capabilities of AI-powered Dynamics 365 Sales. It reduces the unnecessary hassle of the sales process allowing them to maintain their focus on key activities that require immediate action. With the features of this software solution, businesses can streamline their sales process and become profitable and productive in the long run. 

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