Debunking social media marketing myths

Stop believing misleading social media myths immediately

Much of your beliefs about social media marketing is wrong. They are myths. It’s time to crush and debunk them, so that you can run your social media campaign for your business with proper and true knowledge.

#1: Social is for creating New Customers:

Myth – New customer acquisition is the aim of social media campaign.

Truth – Social campaign is run for branding.

Researches have found that majority of social media users of a brand on average are either current customers or former customers of that brand. They like, share, comment or give a reaction to a brand post almost out of loyalty to the brand. Those brand posts do also attract new social users, but this number scarcely meets expectation. However, brilliant posts and tricky social media marketing efforts can bring in new customers, help you to retain current customer base and expand your brand reach.

#2: Social media is Free:

Myth – Running social media campaign costs a dime.

Truth – Enterprise tools are not free.

Free tools don’t mean social media marketing is free. Those free tools aren’t adequate to manage and monitor the social data explosion and are not enough to extract insights to sift and sort data. Say for instance of managing ad campaign on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. With basic free tools, you can hardly support sustained marketing campaign on those platforms. It will require a budget.

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#3: Social media marketing is Simple:

Myth – Social media marketing is so easy that even a college intern can run it at lunch time.

Truth – Social media marketing doesn’t scale easily. It requires skills, resources and plan to give it an effective and measurable result.

To get away with minimum expectations is one thing, but when it comes to achieving some bigger goals, it is never that simple. If you still insist on it, you are insisting on zero-sum game strategy. Social media platform will get your business data while in return you will get nothing! To scale effectively, your social marketing will require a solid strategy. It should include writing captivating ad-copies, filming engaging videos, and snapping interesting images.

Then it will require a SMO team to publish and promote them across social media channels. Also optimize them with a variety of multi-media formats and for a variety of screens, such as smart phones, laptops, tablets, etc. Your social media marketing team will also need to monitor and measure social data you receive in large volume to see what works and what doesn’t. Do you still think social media marketing is simple?

#4: More Promotion, More Success:

Myth – Excessive promotion begets massive success.

Truth – Excessive promotion is annoying for users.

Aggressive promotion is annoying. So, try to keep promoting social contents to a limited extent, never crossing the point of annoyance. All the more, business-centric promotions only can hardly capture users’ attention and engage them with the business. It means aggressive and excessive promotions negatively impact. If you still think otherwise, you are highly mistaken.

#5: Instagram promotion isn’t Necessary:

Myth – Businesses don’t require promotion on Instagram.

Truth – Over 800 million people are active on Instagram.

Will there be any valid reason for a business to ignore such a tremendous opportunity? Do you think your Facebook ads will be transferred and promoted to Instagram automatically just because of it being owned by Facebook? You’re in misconception! Do not indulge yourself in thinking so, nor let other people dictate you towards not using Instagram. Give it a shot, and reap benefits from this platform.

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Concluding Thoughts:

In this digitally connected world, avoiding or limiting your business promotion on social media on some pretexts will be like losing a game. For businesses, it is a-must to use this platform strategically and offer something that can add value to the users. Once your users realize your business posts are beneficial to them in a way or the other, they’ll come back to you time and again and grow interest in your business offers. They will follow your business profile, check its updates and may share their thoughts in comment section too.