There is no shortage of experienced Magento developers. Each of them claims to be the perfect fit for your business. But the sorry picture is most of them often fall short of delivering on expectations.

So, before you hire a Magento developer, identify the functions and features your store needs to have and ask yourself the following questions:

#1: Do I need a front-end or back-end developer?

At first, you need to know that designing a website is one thing and maintaining or managing its backend is entirely different. You should have the understanding of this difference to hire Magento developers who can serve for your website requirements.

Your requirements are the key drivers to hiring developers. As roles and responsibilities of developers tend to vary, so do their skills. Tasks of designing website appearance, creating layout, choosing color and deciding on navigation lie in the responsibility of a front-end developer. Coding is considered as an added skill, because a front-end developer plays crucial role in imagining environment of an ecommerce site.

On the other side, when you need a server-side logic, need to maintain a central database or create an ecommerce store app, it means you require a back-end developer. You have to analyse and decide whether you need a customized theme, website and extension or you just need to design a whole website.

Full-Stack Developer:

Option is also there to hire full-stack developers. This developer tribe excels in both front-end and back-end development services. Businesses with little technical knowledge are reported to prefer this tribe, because they can handle all their development problems and work on all aspects of their site.

Who to hire?

As you’ve made up your mind to develop an ecommerce website, you’ve to decide now who to hire to help you set up a budget, design a workflow and fix a timeline for your task. For a professional ecommerce website, one should hire dedicated Magento developer. The reason is you will then get a full support, professional engagement model and a better result.

#2 Is it wise to hire one developer or a software development agency?

Affordability matters. It depends on whether one can afford service costs of a development company. Cost is always higher with an agency than with a single developer. Moreover, the best development skills and the full-range of Magento development services from design to version upgrade through implementation are always available with an agency. Most businesses with large database and multiple websites prefer dedicated Magento development team from an agency which can put development professionals with in-depth knowledge and years of experience into your service.

Benefits of hiring dedicated Magento developers:

  • Advanced and smart choice
  • Right resources are provided to fulfil service requirements
  • High-quality development services

#3 Cost vs. Quality: What is more important?

The answer is obvious. None of you are ready to compromise on quality over cost. Still, there is a budget for your business, beyond which you cannot go. In this very light, it is you who have to decide whether you will hire talented, experienced Magento developers to achieve desired results or not.

Final Words:

If you ask me, I will definitely recommend quality. Doing online business isn’t easy these days. That’s why if your ecommerce store isn’t something that has utilization of all necessary technical aspects, you may unlikely serve for the expectations of your customers. Today’s business success comes from how well you can blend UX and CX factors with top-performing technical functionalities of Magento.

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