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Planning to expand your business by reaching customers online? In the age of digitalization, a B2B eCommerce platform is an excellent medium to increase your customer base and enhance sales. It is the perfect platform for you to successfully manage relations with other business partners and fulfill their demands in the most productive way. With a B2B eCommerce site, you can easily cater to all customers, keep track of sales and inventory, streamline processes and become profitable in the long run. Adopt the new age mantra of doing business today!

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Use Cases


Increase ROI and decrease the time to market. Make technological growth a priority and leverage the power of data and analytics to make real-time decisions.


Get a transactional online store with B2B eCommerce and improve customer experience. Automate your business by keeping a digital tab on supply and demand.


Move your wholesale distribution to online channels and tap into new markets and territories. With the world moving online, this is the best time for your business to make the shift.

Key Benefits of B2B eCommerce Solution


With role-based access control, restrict access based on the roles of an individual with the organization. Grant access to specific features and modules that the individual requires for the fulfillment of their duties. Protect the privacy of critical data without compromising on business functions and exercise greater control.


For a B2B store, it’s essential to provide competitive pricing and to have the ability to showcase various price points based on economies of scale. Whatever the methodology, it’s critical to provide accurate pricing based on the account that is logged in, and also display potentially better price points to encourage increased ordering.


Smooth buyer-seller interaction is an essential feature to streamline business and maintain continuity. We have taken special measures to ensure that buyer-seller interaction remains smooth and business can be conducted without any hassle by providing an easy way to create and submit inquiries, purchase orders, and introducing modules like Quick Quote, Quick Order, thus facilitating an efficient negotiation process between the buyer and seller.

Modules of the nopCommerce B2B platform