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Benefits of using OpenCart

  • 8+ years of experience on mobile app development
  • Delivered 100+ projects
  • Flexible hiring model
  • Dedicated project manager
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company



Application: Health and Fitness App

More than simply counting calories and tracking exercise, the Nutripilot app is your personal guide to smart eating and healthier living. Nutripilot uses distinctive icons to quickly point you toward the right choices based on nutritional value and diet-specific qualities

  • Lower sodium
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Gluten-free
  • Paleo friendly options
  • Fermentable sugars for those with IBS
  • Carbohydrate friendly-higher fiber


Application: Utility

A Tradesman’s or service companies IT toolbox. All you need to control your work from an individual to a large company. Allocate and track your workforce, keep customers updated in real time, Create a constant communication stream from engineer to manger to office and create industry relevant forms and Invoices. Many better designed features to enable a tradesman to control the demanding admin aspects of a business.

  • Allocate and track your workforce
  • Keep customers updated in real time
  • Create a constant communication stream from engineer to manger to office.
  • Create industry relevant forms and Invoices.
  • Admin panel to control all aspects of the business.


Application: e-commerce App

Barcode Scanning Application for customers to Scan products, View Product Details and Send Orders to Amatheon.


Our client has a requirement to build an e-commerce which is connected to their website www.amatheon.com. The website is built by AspDotStorefront.

  • Search Product
  • Product Scan
  • View Oder History
  • View Invoice History
  • Add to Cart
  • Checkout
  • Place Order


Incident Reporter

Application: Utility

This app can be fully customized to meet customer requirements. It has the capability and features that can be utilized by a local government authority or an insurance, or a utility, or a field inspection company. Incident Reporter enables users to send feedback with Photos real time.

  • Easy to use and intuitive app to send a report of an incident
  • Ability to take a photo
  • Geo location information automatically
  • Check status of reported
  • Facebook and Twitter connectors.

Coffee Buddy

Application: Utility

Become part of a group who always has coffee with their coffee buddy. Coffee buddy allows you to enjoy discounted coffee in your local area. Coffee Buddy will know your location and help you find a local coffee shop that will allow you to drink with your coffee buddy. Don’t just enjoy discounted coffee but also find cafes that offer additional specials to coffee buddy members

  • Find Café with details
  • Find on Map
  • Become a member
  • Monthly Plan option
  • Favorite option
  • Setting

Bridal Pages

Application: Utility

This is the app for the Bridal Community of the Kansas City Metropolitan. It features the most comprehensive list of professionals in the area to help you plan your day. Now, you can manage the list by making notes about the vendors, keep your favorites in your personalized list. Once you’ve compiled your list, save your notes, print them out, or email them to your bridal party. Plus, get tips directly from the industry experts, and browse copies of EA Bride Magazine right from your phone. Now there’s no reason not to be in the know wherever you go!

  • Show various category of bridal pages.
  • My directory.
  • Download magazine
  • Settings.


Application: Social Photo Sharing

Social photo sharing app where user can register to the app and follow to another user, send request to follow himself. There are two timeline where photo will show uploaded by user. Photo can be rewarded by vote.

  • Follow to user
  • Request to Follow me
  • Share your photo
  • Friend Timeline
  • Community Timeline
  • Rewards on Photo