When we were in Brno (Czech Republic) during our visit in Kentico Connection as a Gold partner (Citytech), we came across with Kentico Draft presentation by the Kentico team. They have invented some amazing features in it. It is true that most projects gets delayed due to content supply. So why don’t you make your content ready while your Kentico site is under construction.

So here is what they came up with the Kentico Draft, which was released along with the official release of Kentico 9 CMS. Kentico Draft is a Cloud based service for content teams where they can put structured, aligned content. Eventually it will be reviewed by all the relevant parties and the content will be ready on time.

Once the content is ready and gets approved by the relevant parties, web master can import the content in their website.

Kentico Draft’s system requirement is nothing but your latest web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, or Safari for Mac OS.

The Kentico Draft is very simple to use, you need to define content structure, categorizing content (creating sitemap and assigning content entries to a SiteMap), creating workflow, inviting contributors, producing content, assigning contributors to content entries, Importing content for publishing into Kentico CMS or EMS.

In Kentico Draft you can manage Multiple Projects. As web development agency you can manage multiple client’s content. You switch the projects from Project Switcher.

We would like to thank Kentico team to identify the common problem and invent such effective product. We are ready to use this tool for our next Kentico EMS and CMS projects.