Kentico Day in Dubai

With the Kentico Day being held in Dubai, there’s no better time to get up to speed with their latest offering in the CMS, E-commerce and Online Marketing platform. Kentico Day in Dubai is going to offer many other opportunities including of course the opportunity to form new relationships and re-kindle old ones. This conference will also make you believe how tightly knit the developer, partner and marketing communities are. It’s one of those conferences that should not be missed as it will be a life changing experience altogether.

There are few perks of attending a Kentico conference as few things are more informative than in-person events and the Kentico Conferences certainly fits that mold.

Kentico Day is a One day program covering nearly every aspect of the platform with in-depth sessions, speakers, case studies and many more such attractive sessions. The event is broken down into two parts. The first half will host sessions where the Kentico developers break down the functionality and architecture in technical sessions on the Developer Track. On the clients track, learn from various GCC Organizations as they discuss their complex projects and solutions and see real-world examples of the platform in action. Even marketers will benefits from the Marketing track specifically design for boosting website traffic and performance and increasing your business and ROI. Then there are the social events-in these nightly sessions, connect with fellow developers and Kentico experts and get the answers to all of life’s questions.

Benefits of attending the show:

  • Exotic location– Dubai is the hub of hosting meetings conferences and exhibitions. Dubai benefits from its location as a crossroads between the east and the west. When Kentico is hosting an event, not only does Kentico hold their conferences in great locations, there is always something to do and see before or after the conference.
  • Networking– This conference provides with excellent opportunity of professional development on a number of levels. Information technology and Marketing specialists attending the event develop their professional networks, and utilize business opportunities; hear the latest thinking from the industry experts; advance their knowledge base and skills sets; debate with their peers; and form life-long relationships
  • Meet the KENTICO Team– The team at Kentico are very humble and want to hear how you’re using Kentico and what troubles and improvements you’d like to see. Not many other software companies will allow you to talk directly with product owners or directly with the developers but taking time to meet each team member will give you the comfort of contacting the support team at any time knowing that you will actually receive a human response.

Kentico Day in Dubai is more than just learning something new. This conference will help you to come out of your shell, meet new people, grow your development and Marketing partner community and most importantly network with fun!

Hope to see you at the conference and don’t forget to share your experience after you return from the event!