nopCommerce is one of the top open-source eCommerce solutions available to online vendors to develop their platform. Having released the first nopCommerce version in 2008, they have now come up with their latest version, nopCommerce 4.3. The high quality of the product is a testament to its strong development process and community support of over 2,50,000 members.

nopCommerce has always aimed to create a stable, scalable solution that competes with Enterprise editions and not just other open-source platforms.

The release has been long-awaited, but the platform has compensated by inculcating some much-needed features and capabilities. nopCommerce aims to further broaden its user base and penetrate further into the market all the while improving the experience of existing customers. If you are already a customer or looking to leverage the platform in building your eCommerce site, then read on!
1. Performance Improvement
This is almost the #1 priority of all platforms for upgrading their product. Smart and swift performance is the most desirable quality in any eCommerce platform that best helps in meeting user demands. 4.3 is the fastest version of the nopCommerce platform yet – as they have revised the Caching system and moved away from the Entity framework. The performance has now multiplied than the existing nopCommerce 4.2 which already received 100/100 at Google PageSpeed! The nopCommerce 4.3 store works faster and swifter than ever, making it super convenient for customers to browse through sites, view products, and make purchases.
2. Upgrade to .NET Core 3.1
The use of cutting-edge technology has enabled the shift of nopCommerce to the latest version .NETCore. .NETCore is a long term supported release and will provide support for up to 3 years. For store owners, it is a huge bonus as this means that Microsoft will provide fixes and updates to keep your website free from any data security threats or issues and malicious attacks. It is recommended to upgrade your website to nopCommerce 4.3 and start leveraging .NET Core 3.1 immediately. This is assured to make your website faster and secure.
3. MySQL support
With this release, nopCommerce has now delivered one of the most demanded features- MySQL support. Though Linux support was added in the earlier version 4.2, it allowed hosting nopCommerce on Linux machine with paid Microsoft SQL server only. Though adding support for free and the highly popular MySQL server was complicated and time-consuming, it was the need of the hour and highly important for the community. And with MySQL support in nopCommerce 4.3, users can launch their store at a minimal cost.
4. Facebook Pixel
The rules of marketing are constantly evolving with social media rising to be a compelling source of generating revenue by increasing sales. nopCommerce has developed an excellent tool aimed at boosting sales with Facebook – Facebook Pixel. This is a free plugin that is made available to users and allows them to track users to their website, create targeted and personalized ads and remarket successfully to individuals who have already taken some action on your website. It increases the recall value of your brand and helps you in further reaching your audience base without being too persuasive. 
nopCommerce 4.3 is developed with a clear understanding of market demand and provides a lot of much-needed functions and features. It boosts the performance of your site while keeping it secured and without burning a hole in your pockets. MySQL support is a huge bonus point that the users can now enjoy with the latest version of nopCommerce 4.3.
If you are looking to develop your eCommerce site in a budget-friendly way but aspire to all the top-notch functionalities, then nopCommerce 4.3 is the sure way to go ahead.
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