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With over 250, 000 users worldwide, Magento is really miles ahead of several other eCommerce technologies for its extensive number of rich features and customization options.

Despite this fact, the real concern of a Magento customer lies more on the budget for developing a website on this platform than the development team, engagement model, or experience of a development company. They just want to know one thing at the very beginning: What is your service cost for Magento website development?

Their concern is logically grounded because they can’t invest where there is a little prospect of ROI. So, pricing strategies for customization of Magento eCommerce solutions need to be fixed early and wisely. It is largely dependent on business size and the choice of a Magento solution, namely Basic Magento, Magento Community Edition, or Magento Enterprise Edition.

Check some insights on Magento pricing strategies and services to not regret later failing to match your business requirements exactly.

Cost for developing websites on Magento Community Edition:

A free and open-source eCommerce platform, Magento Community Edition is usually recommended for small to medium-sized businesses who may wish to migrate or upgrade their current store to this Magento platform. It’s the best eCommerce solution to start a new business as it enables users to build online store fast and with minimum fuss. This edition allows users to get its program code free of cost and it’s open for editing by third-party developers.

Which kind of a store is Magento Community Edition suitable for?

  • A store having more than 500,000 SKUs and all are similar with minimal attributes
  • A store to offer only 2 shipping methods
  • A store offering discounts based on quantity
  • A store requiring no credit card tokenization or PCI compliance

Cost for developing websites on Enterprise Magento Edition:

First of all, you need to know that Enterprise Magento Edition is a premium version. It is mainly meant for large businesses that need a volume of advanced features and more customizable options. The cost for developing a store on Enterprise Edition of Magento may vary from $150,000 to $200,000. However, this range may go even beyond depending on the types of customization needs.

Which kind of a store is Magento Enterprise Edition suitable for?

  • A store which requires a separate database for checkout, order management, and product data
  • More discount and campaign-related functionalities than community edition, such as reward points, target promotions, etc.
  • Advanced marketing and promotion, including customer loyalty programs
  • Advanced tax calculation facility
  • Enhanced admin management capability, such as easier reporting, etc.
  • Improved UX with features, such as multiple wish-lists, enhanced search, private sales, gift registry, etc.

What are the similarities between Magento Community Edition and Magento Enterprise Edition?

Both of them are open source and belong to the same Magento ecosystem. Both of them can leverage Magento Connect, which allows users to use the Magento Extension marketplace and apps to increase functionality. They also allow their users to use web servers API to integrate with different databases.

Which one to choose for my business?

The choice of a Magento solution platform depends entirely on the business volume, requirement, and budget. The free version can be a practical choice, but when a business intends to take it to the next level, it should opt-in for Magento Enterprise Edition. The investment could be a bit high for that, but the functionalities a business will get out of it will surely help drive its growth optimally. So, choose wisely taking your business requirements and future business plans into account.

When sales volume and budget are rather low, Magento Community Edition will serve your purpose. It’s a free and open-source solution, meaning, you will get a free program code and be allowed to get it tailored to your business requirements.

Recap: Magento Community or Magento Enterprise

Magento Community Edition might be a logical starting point as it doesn’t require a large budget right off the bat. In fact, by choosing Magento Community Edition, you will be spending a yearly fee that is lesser than that of Magento Enterprise. However, that may get reduced through customization of Magento for your products and styling the design to match your brand.

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