Ready to promote your products online but don’t know how? With Google Merchant Center, now millions of people can discover, explore, and buy your products. Setting up a Google Merchant Center account is the first step in getting your products featured in the Shopping Ads campaign. You can edit your inventory whenever required, and reach your customers just where they are, catering to their niche demands. It is the perfect tool to show the right products to the right customers at the right time. 

For example, a customer searches for “ceramic bowls online”, Google throws the following search results that guide the user to purchase the ceramic bowl from any of these online stores. The product ads appearing on the top of the search engine listings make it highly valuable. The Google product ads are highly effective, as they show the image of the product along with the price.

As a merchant, it gives your product much more relevance if it appears on the top of search page results right when potential customers are looking for it.


How to set up a Google Merchant Center account?

  1. Enter your business information- where your business is registered, business name, etc. 
  2. Choose where your customers check out on your website, on Google, at the local store.
  3. Choose your third-party platforms- Linking your account will associate your Merchant Center account with an account you manage on a third-party platform.
  4. Select your email preferences.

And you are good to go!

With a Google Merchant Center account, you can launch a Shopping Ads campaign and show shoppers what you’ve got. Additionally, you can provide shoppers with a second chance to buy with dynamic remarketing ads. With such strong persuasive tools in your arsenal, you can barely go wrong in your customer acquisition strategy. If you have an online store and struggling with sales, consider setting up a Google Merchant Center account to leverage the power of the platform.

Let’s take a look at the benefits a Google Merchant Center account provides to anyone with an eCommerce business and how you can boost online sales with this:

  • Get qualified leads and targeted traffic

63% of marketers say their biggest content challenge is driving traffic and generating leads. (Omnicore)

Through this, you are getting leads who are actively looking for your products online instead of targeting them towards the general audience. As a merchant, as you feature your products and product information that appear on the top of search page results, customers can make informed decisions. For eg, on searching for ceramic bowls online, customers can see your featured ceramic bowl products along with the price and brief description that is much more compelling than visiting your landing page after much more extensive searching. Remember that these customers have very particular demands and are not just casually browsing a site. This feature directs qualified leads to your site that leads to better sales.

  • Google My Business Integration

Your Google Merchant Center account can be integrated with My Business pages thereby making operations more seamless. This further ensures that you can have all the Google tools working together instead of each operating information separately. This integration further links your Google My Business account to the merchant Center inventory information shows which business your products are connected to. With the linked accounts, you can exercise better control, plan, and execute your marketing activities effectively. 

  • Adwords and Analytics integration

All the Google Merchant Center account products can be easily integrated with the particular Adwords ads easily and quickly. Along with linking the My Business account, you can also link the Analytics and Adwords accounts. When creating a Shopping ads campaign, you can choose to filter your inventory to show certain products in the campaign. By linking these tools with Google Analytics, you can measure performance and keep an eye on the incoming traffic. As an online merchant, this is highly helpful to analyze the performance of each campaign and identify and mold future strategies. 

  • Better click-through rates

While Google Adwords continues to rely on keyword matching, Google shopping campaigns run using product descriptions and attributes. Curating more targeted and relevant ads not only increases the CTR but also improves ROI. As a result, the CTR for shopping ads campaign is higher than those for keyword ads through Google Adwords. 

  • Create dynamic ads

With Google Adwords, you can create ads with text, images, videos, and even add a phone number. But Google Merchant Center account provides you the opportunity to move a step forward by creating dynamic ads for your audience that catches their audience. Instead of being greeted with just a text ad or image, they can see an image, description, and price for each of the products you list.

Google Merchant Center account can provide significant advantages to your eCommerce store. Make it a part of your marketing strategy to boost online sales.

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