We know you have worked hard to put up an amazing eCommerce website design, invested your hard –earned money to optimize the processes involved to attract customers, but your results show you are losing potential orders from your website and you do not know what to do about it!

Shopping carts are one of the most strategic aspect of the conversion process where we have all the possibilities to impact the profit and loss statement of a company. The marketing strategy of “Push and Pull” has to be strong enough to encourage a consumer to complete the checkout process. Many websites are losing a substantial amount of revenue due to less importance given to the checkout process. Cart abandonment is a bane and eCommerce website owners should pay more attention here!

According to a study by a web research company in UK, Baymard institute, 67% of the shopping carts are abandoned online. This is important as the company is not only losing revenue, they are also losing a potential customer who could have come back for a repeated purchase.

We have had customers coming to us with this as a concern and that is when we decided to delve into human behavior prior to the checkout process.

We came up with 5 ways to recover those customer who could have been the cause of your leaking revenue. Follow them here:

  1. Avoid unexpected price when a visitor is in the final checkout- Do not hide shipping charges or any other additional charges from the customer when they are browsing the product. Try to mention them just right beside the item display. For additional variable charges like sales tax, you can add a calculator or an estimator much early in the process.
  2. Make the checkout process simple – Visitors do not want to fill many forms as they find this tiresome. Once page checkout is more convenient for many users. Express Checkout can be a better option where the user has to just provide his card details and shipping information before submitting their order.
  3. Work on the UX to validate easy purchase: the visitor should be easily able to edit the shopping cart and also view important security logos which will give me the confidence to share his credit card information’s. Try to avoid too much of back linking. Give the visitor space to leave his comments. Mention in every page your company name, location, hours of operations in readable fonts and also provide a click-to-call facility on the number you list in the site.
  4. Keep multiple payment options for non-credit card user’s- Paypal and Digital Wallets options helps those customers who do not own a credit card or have a credit card that do not match with the options mentioned in the site. Multiple payment option can make the user purchase easy and fast.
  5. Send reminder emails of abandoned cart with discount offers- To bring back the visitors who had left, reminder emails of abandoned cart can be send with a discount offer. This can induce the visitor to initiate the purchase he had left sometime back.

Well, these were just few touch points. There may be more reasons because of which you are losing your potential customer and leaking the revenue which you could have earned. However, If these given points have given you an opportunity to increase your conversions, do not forget to leave a comment about it here.