Citytech Software event Innovation month April 2019

From AI to Big Data, Citytech Brilliant Minds did a Bang-up Job

We had an amazing time last week, giving demos of innovative applications before a panel of industry experts from multiple renowned institutions, hearing about brilliantly new AI-based applications like Face & Gesture Recognition Solution and discovering incredible talents among us.

Over the span of a month from March 14 to April 3, 2019, Citytech ran a contest internally to spur innovation among its own employees. Forward-thinking and talented employees participated in this in-house contest to evolve their thinking and try new things on the latest trends of technology.

Pushed the Limits!

Stakeholders comprised 10 teams of 9 talented members in each team were encouraged to challenge themselves to innovate and come up with innovative creativity. This innovation challenge aimed to discover brilliant minds, break the barriers in traditional settings and suss out the best solutions. In the end, participants really came up with some brilliant ideas.

Got more out of common!

Blockchain with Tensor Flow for Business Prediction” is one of the innovations by team Digital Brain. No doubt blockchain is already a popular system and is common to hear about, we saw this team pitching on it before guest judges about how their innovation could be a solution for every issue, even that for a health issue like diabetes.

Citytech Innovation

You’ve done it! Congratulations on your great achievement!

Experience AI Differently!

Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic these days. More than just a buzzword, AI-based systems can set users apart, giving them a competitive advantage. With this in mind, team Contrivers came up with an intelligent AI-based solution – Nierika, an AI-based face and gesture recognition system linked to cameras. Capturing of images of attendees in real-time is now possible facing camera without having to use biometric device.

Artificial intelligence

Well done team Contrivers for winning 2nd Prize!

Intelligence for Business!

9Smart team presented another innovative solution named PowerBIM – Business Intelligence Mobile Solution. The team demonstrated how this solution would be extremely useful for a business to collect intelligence report of a target business segment like prospect of a newly launched product, etc.

Artificial intelligence

Kudos to team 9Smart for winning 3rd Prize!

All are “Achievers!”

We had all 10 amazing teams pitching on the final day of Innovation and vying for the coveted Innovation Award, but only 3 could be declared winners. Huge congratulations to 1st place winner team – Digital Brain, 2nd place winner team – Contrivers, and 3rd place winner team – 9Smart.

Rest of the participating teams must deserve huge congratulations too, because they pulled out all the stops to give their best. And they did. All of them are truly unicorns!!

Empowered by Innovation!

All participants had lots of conversations and brainstorming sessions to ensure they could generate really innovative ideas. Their energy was indeed impossible to contain. On the final day of demonstration, all team members appeared as feeling empowered to influence changes through their innovative ideas. Every idea went exceptionally well when put into action in front of the industry experts. But, 3 innovations had to be declared winners out of all participating teams.

Citytech Event Participants

Huge Congratulations to all deserving superstar teams

Mission Accomplished!

Citytech Innovation Month event was basically aimed to foster dynamic minds, create a culture of innovation among employees and inspire them to develop ideas.

Next-time Again!

A really successful and enjoying event it was, every employee of Citytech enjoyed it profusely and wants to thank Citytech management for giving such a great opportunity. We’d be looking forward to this opportunity next time again!