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At Citytech, we take pride in our ability to comprehend and address the unique requirements of our clients. Utilizing cutting-edge tools and well-crafted strategies, we ensure that every project is delivered on time, meeting and exceeding expectations.

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We have a diverse team of Shopify developers to cater to your specific needs. Whether you're a beginner or require the expertise of senior developers, plugin developers, offshore developers, remote developers, or even a dedicated scrum team, we've got you covered.

Tools and Techniques

Our team of Shopify developers is dedicated to upholding the highest quality standards and utilizing modern testing tools to ensure swift and bug-free Shopify development. With their expertise, we deliver lightning-fast results you can rely on.

Support and Maintenance

Our clients trust us as the leading Shopify development company for our exceptional customer support, maintenance, and upgrade services even after the launch. We are committed to ensuring your ongoing satisfaction and success with our reliable post-launch support and continuous enhancements.

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Store Development

From Building a Custom Online Store to Tailoring Your Shopify Shop, Our Expert Shopify Developers Efficiently Fulfill Your Unique Business Requirements in No Time.

Shopify Plus Ecommerce

We are experts in Shopify Plus store development. We excel in seamlessly integrating new features, themes, and apps into your existing operations, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted experience for our clients. Our dedicated Shopify Plus developers prioritize security and performance, delivering top-notch eCommerce development solutions.

Shopify App Development

Our team of Shopify app developers has a remarkable track record in creating exceptional Shopify apps that exceed customer expectations. With their expertise, we deliver outstanding apps with unique features and functionalities, ensuring a truly remarkable user experience.

Marketplace Site Development

We have empowered countless businesses in transforming their Shopify stores into thriving marketplaces. Our expertise has enabled numerous business owners to maximize their profits by seamlessly consolidating multiple Shopify stores into a unified Shopify Marketplace.


We specialize in a wide range of integration services, including CRM integration, integration with MS Business Central, payment gateway integration, third-party API integration, drop shipping app integration, and more. Our certified Shopify experts ensure seamless integration solutions that not only reduce operational costs but also drive accelerated ROI for your business.

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Our Shopify Store Development and Maintenance Process

Requirement Analysis

  • Citytech Business Analysts interact with client to get the requirement
  • After analysis, our team plan for development

Store Development & Maintenance

  • Citytech define end to end development process for client requirement
  • Before live, Citytech has it's internal QA Team to handle the Testing process

Delevery process

  • After completion of QA, Citytech provide staging URL to client for UAT
  • After completion of UAT, project goes live

Agile Development Process

Case Study: TableTennis Store USA - Elevating E-commerce with Citytech's Shopify Solution

Client Overview:
TableTennis Store USA is a leading online retailer specializing in table tennis equipment and accessories. With a diverse range of products and a loyal customer base, they aimed to enhance their online presence and provide a modern, visually appealing e-commerce store for their customers. Seeking a comprehensive solution, they partnered with Citytech to transform their online store.

TableTennis Store USA was operating on the AspDotNetStoreFront platform, which lacked the modern aesthetics and user-friendly features they desired. They needed a robust and visually pleasing e-commerce platform that would offer an improved shopping experience and streamline their operations. They approached Citytech, a trusted technology partner, for a solution that would meet their requirements.

After careful analysis and discussions with TableTennis Store USA, Citytech recommended migrating their e-commerce store to Shopify. Shopify provided the ideal blend of modern design, robust features, and seamless integration capabilities. Here's how Citytech implemented the solution:

Custom Shopify Theme Design:
Citytech designed and developed a custom Shopify theme tailored to TableTennis Store USA's branding and requirements. The new theme showcased their products effectively, offering an enhanced user experience and driving engagement.

Data Migration:
Citytech ensured a smooth transition by meticulously migrating data from the AspDotNetStoreFront platform to Shopify. This encompassed product information, customer data, order history, and other vital details, ensuring a seamless continuation of operations.

Payment Gateway Integration:
To facilitate secure online transactions, Citytech integrated a reliable and efficient payment gateway into the Shopify store. This allowed customers to make hassle-free purchases with their preferred payment methods, instilling trust and convenience.

AVA Tax Integration:
Compliance with tax regulations is essential for any e-commerce store. Citytech seamlessly integrated AVA Tax, a leading tax calculation and management solution, into the Shopify store. This automated the tax calculation process, reducing errors and ensuring accurate tax calculations for each transaction.

Shiprocket Integration:
To optimize shipping and logistics operations, Citytech integrated Shiprocket, a trusted shipping platform, with the Shopify store. This integration streamlined order fulfillment, enabling efficient shipping, tracking, and delivery management.

Citytech's expertise and implementation of Shopify brought remarkable transformations to TableTennis Store USA's e-commerce operations. The key outcomes include:

Enhanced User Experience:
The new Shopify store design provided a modern, visually appealing interface, improving the overall shopping experience for customers. Intuitive navigation and optimized product displays increased user engagement and encouraged conversions.

Streamlined Operations:
The migration to Shopify, along with the integration of various tools, simplified the management of orders, payments, taxes, and shipping. This allowed TableTennis Store USA to focus on core business activities while efficiently managing their e-commerce operations.

Scalability and Growth:
Shopify's scalability enabled TableTennis Store USA to handle increased traffic and accommodate business growth seamlessly. They now had a flexible platform that could adapt to their evolving needs, allowing for future expansion.

Through their collaboration with Citytech, TableTennis Store USA successfully transformed their e-commerce store. Citytech's expert team designed a visually appealing custom Shopify theme, migrated data seamlessly, integrated essential functionalities such as payment gateway, AVA Tax, and Shiprocket, resulting in an enhanced user experience and streamlined operations. The new Shopify store empowered TableTennis Store USA to effectively showcase their products, drive customer engagement, and propel their business forward in the highly competitive e-commerce landscape.


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