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Umbraco is an opensource, ASP.NET fully featured CMS

Why choose Umbraco?

  • Flexible and user friendly interface that makes it a much desired CMS by all
  • It’s a headless CMS – it doesn’t mess with your html/css/javascript
  • customize anything from Responsive Websites and Mobile Apps to Digital Signage and IOT devices according to your requirements.
  • Faster time to market and implement support for agile processes
  • Integrate with any platform
  • Umbraco provides out-of-the-box capabilities

Why Citytech for your Umbraco projects?

Umbraco support: Our Umbraco specialist team will help on providing support and maintenance services on Umbraco.

Umbraco development: We provide Umbraco consultancy to support design and development.

Umbraco migration: Our experienced Umbraco team has the relevant experience on good working experience on Umbraco CMS migration from any other system.

Umbraco provides Intuitive Editing Experience like

  • Multi-device Previews
  • Scheduled Publishing
  • Work on drafts and publish content according to your convenience
  • Versioned Content – it has infinite undo button
  • Keep a simple overview with the Umbraco Media Library
  • The built-in Umbraco Image Cropper is a fantastic function that will ensure that your images gets presented correctly on whatever device your visitors use
  • Built-in Form Builder
  • Control how your content looks on social media
  • Umbraco is more than a Web CMS which makes it possible for editors to create and manage content for multiple channels and of course reuse content where needed
  • Prepared for Personalization – give your visitors a unique and relevant experience

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