African + Eastern Direct is a premier alcoholic beverage delivery service serving the wide-ranging needs of the people from Abu..


AGEA Shop has successfully captured and enamored its B2B audience by creating a platform that caters to all their requirements,..


This is Dubai based bi-lingual (English & Arabic) website. This site sells school uniforms, accessories like water bottle, school bags,..


A German website selling Vintage bicycles online. We have implemented: Shipping cost calculator Currency converter Coupon at checkout IP based..


Blueideal is an (Multistore) online flower selling website for Germany. They have two store set up on Magento 2.2 We..


This is UK based site. This site sells hobby and craft products produced in the UK. We have implemented: Gift..


This is USA based site. This site sells water purifier and test related products. We have implemented: Multi store admin..


Application: Health and Fitness App More than simply counting calories and tracking exercise, the Nutripilot app is your personal guide..


Application: Utility A Tradesman’s or service companies IT toolbox. All you need to control your work from an individual to..


Application: e-commerce App Barcode Scanning Application for customers to Scan products, View Product Details and Send Orders to Amatheon. Scope:..

Incident Reporter

Application: Utility This app can be fully customized to meet customer requirements. It has the capability and features that can..

Coffee Buddy

Application: Utility Become part of a group who always has coffee with their coffee buddy. Coffee buddy allows you to..
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